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Virtualization and Storage Services

Enterprise computing virtualization with VMware

VMWare is one of the most common server virtualization technologies.

With a global install base, VMWare is often the best solution for companies of all sizes.

VMWare offers many similar benefits found in other server virtualization technologies, such as reduction in server hardware investment, business continuity benefits, and overall decrease of organizations IT expenses.

Is VMWare a good choice for your business?

Server virtualization technologies offer immediate benefits to any size organization. However, is VMware a better choice for your business?

There are a lot of factors to consider. Our VMware virtualization expert can help you understand all the benefits associated with moving your IT infrastructure to VMWare.

Looking for a high availability or high reliability solution?

VMWare can offer your business many options to eliminate downtown, and increase the reliability of your most critical server and IT infrastructure.

We can you understand the benefits of virtualizing your server environment with VMWare, allowing you to make an informed decision. Our VMware certified specialists will customize an efficient, cost-savings solution for Server consolidation and Disaster recovery.

Desktop Virtualization with Citrix products

Through the use of proven methodologies, tools, and best practices, our consultants ensure the successful implementation of Citrix Desktop virtualization.

We focus on engagements with enterprise customers who have complex, mission-critical, or large-scale deployments of Citrix technologies.

These engagements are typically the most challenging in scope and complexity, and require consultants who are uniquely qualified with Citrix product expertise.

We tailor our service offerings to meet these demands. We have worked with large organizations and technology vendors to provide access infrastructure solutions to achieve their business objectives.

Giving them the flexibility to work for anywhere in the world, while securely protecting their data, in today world only the companies that has, massive flexibility will compete effectively this hard economic ordeal.

Citrix gives you the ability to work remotely, without missing a beat, it's like you are in you work please, but you could be on vacation, but now only that you could increase you productivity and reducing your expenses.

XenApp Solutions for PC and Devices

With Citrix XenApp, you can have an application installed on a XenApp server in a data center, and anybody around the world can access it.

The best part is Citrix XenApp enables you to launch that application on any device, whether it is your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. There is no need to install any software (besides a Citrix Receiver) or ever have to worry about those pesky upgrade windows we have all seen too many times.

There is also no requirement to establish a VPN connection for encryption; Citrix XenApp encrypts all client to server traffic by default. The software works so seamlessly that if you opened a locally installed Microsoft Office on your computer and then accessed the same program through Citrix Receiver you would not be able to tell a difference between the two.

It is also possible to use XenApp to present a full desktop to a user. Whenever you are launching a desktop, you are launching a desktop from a server.

Everybody else that logs in is launching a desktop from the same server. This allows you to share compute and disk resources across multiple users, however, you still retain the security and capability to setup your own shortcuts and save documents.

Are you ready for Virtualization ?
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Virtualization is more than a buzzword. It can save you thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars.

Innovative businesses of all sizes are applying server virtualization to:

Reduce operating expenses for electricity, facility space, and IT labor

Cut capital expenses (CapEx) for server hardware Become more efficient and agile.

Virtualization is a "green" technology. It requires less facility space than dedicated servers and decreases the costs to heat and cool that space. It also reduces the costs to power the servers and their internal fans.

VMware Design

Structured VMware implementations start in the design.

Whether you serve 10 or 10,000 users, it's crucial for the development and eventual scaling of your virtual environment to be well prepared for the complexity of IT stability. Without experienced forethought to guide this process, many environments are left to face the complications of poor utilization, over-allocation and generally inefficient, fault-ridden networks.

Our consultants provide you a specialized, well-documented blueprint to guide your implementation of VMware and the hardware that supports it.

We work with our technology partners and your IT support team to establish stable, scalable, resilient virtual networks fit for your financial and environmental needs.

Our VMWare consulting team is comprised of VCP certified, highly experienced virtualization experts ready to evaluate and understand your business IT needs.

We deliver customized solutions to fit modern business requirements and work in all network segments from small business to enterprise.

The consolidation of multiple applications cuts all the hardware costs of a dedicated server - hard disk, CPU, memory, power supplies, network cards, switch ports, and the server itself.

Cluster Design:

- Resources are designed to be modular

- Each resource pod contains payload and edge clusters

- Storage and networking are mapped accordingly

Storage Design:

- Designed to be as robust and flexible as required in the environment

- Can add software designed storage if required

Network Design:

- Software Defined networking design.

- Virtual "Valves" at each network feed point.

- Leaf and Spine network backbone pushes routing down the column.

- Intelligent edges gateway northbound and southbound traffic in dedicated cluster.

Consolidate Disaster Recovery

Virtualization helps protect against business disruption in the case of a natural disaster, power outage, or human error or attack. A business with a backup virtual server can replicate it and store a copy offsite, by doing so itself or using a managed service.

Peak IP Solutions provides a managed service that replicates and monitors server backups and stores encrypted copies offsite at two data center sites.

Citrix XenApp and SAN Storage Solutions

Citrix Xen Desktop

Xen Desktop provides a desktop operating system. Whenever you connect to the desktop you are the only person using it instead of sharing it with other people who could affect performance depending on the workload.

If you expose a desktop through XenApp, the administrators of that desktop are not going to let you make significant operating system changes to that server. With Xen Desktop, you can be allowed to do as much as you'd like.

If it breaks, an administrator can instruct the provisioning services within Citrix to spin up a new desktop; you can then login which will create a brand new replacement desktop where your files will automatically be synchronized. It is like having an "undo" button for your entire desktop You can use Xen Desktop over XenApp.

SAN Storage Solutions

SAN is a high-speed network that allows the establishment of direct connection between storage devices and processors (servers) centralized to the extent supported by the distance of Fibre Channel.

Problems We are facing

Scalability - Rapidly Growing Data Volume

Connectivity - Distributed Data Sharing

24/7 Availability - No single point of failure

High Performance

Easy Management

Benefits of SAN


Fiber Channel networks allows the number of attached storage nodes to increase without loss of performance because as switches are added, switching capacity grows. The limitations on the number of attached devices typical of channel interconnection disappears.

High Performance

Decoupling Servers and Storage

The servers can be upgraded while leaving storage in place. Storage can be added ar will and dynamically allocated to servers without downtime.

Easy Migration to SAN:

  • Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) -- connect servers to the SAN
  • Fibre Channel storage -- connects directly to the SAN
  • SCSI-FC bridge -- allows SCSI (disk and tape) components to be attached to the SAN
  • SAN Network Components -- Fibre Channel switches