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Client Engagement Model

We will works with you to determine the model which suits you best according to your requirements.

Fixed Fee Model

A fixed fee model is a time bound, project based engagement model, which defines the scope, expected deliverables, time-frame requirements. If you engage in this model, you would be able to focus on your core business and activities by engaging our technical and domain specialists.

Time and Material Model

This model is best suited when the scope, project outcomes are not defined at the time of kick-off. In such cases, since the end outcome is not clearly known, billing can be done basis resource utilization deployment. Each resource type will have a particular bill rate, depending on their skill set, experience and role in the project. A pre agreed rate is charged until the full project is delivered according to the time expended by the resource, like for example the billing can be done on hourly, weekly or monthly basis.

Delivery Models

Onsite Model

In this model, the client team and the development team form a part of the core committee. The client core team will be at the client site and the development core team would travel as required to the client site, for meetings and updates.

Outsourced / Managed Services

Managed Services is the ideal model for long term IT outsourcing strategy and is often adopted by customers as a continuation of an existing Staff Augmentation engagement. Itechmatics offshore managers are responsible for the entire life cycle of the development and support engagement.

Nearshore Model

In this model, the core team sits out of the client location, while the support team members like developers, testers etc, sit from an offshore location. In this model, the dedicated team is based out of an offshore location, and regularly interacts with the client to ensure project activities and delivery are progressing as per defined scope and arrangement.

Consulting / Subject Matter Expert

In this model, Itechmatics provides short-term engagement of expertise at the times most critical to your project. The management model is determined by the scope of the project and the nature of any deliverables.

Staff Augmentation / Contracting

In this model, Itechmatics provides qualified experts to work at your site and fully-embedded in your team. Your managers provide all assignments directly and control all day-to-day coordination.

Monitor and Measure SLA with Zendesk

A Service Level Agreement, or SLA, is an agreed upon measure of the average response and resolution times that our support team delivers to customers. Providing support based on service levels ensures that you're delivering measured and predictable service. We have been using ZenDesk that provides greater visibility when problems arise.

We can define SLA service targets in Zendesk so that L1 support resources can monitor our service level performance and meet customer service level goals. Zendesk highlights tickets that fail to meet service level targets so that you can promptly identify and address problems.

SLA Model

Low : Hindrance to the work of individual users and/or an acceptable work around is available.Immediate resolution is not needed by the customer.

SLA Conditions : Assigned within 8 hours and solved within 1 week.

Medium : Interruptions to the work of individual users and no acceptable work around is available.Immediate resolution is not needed by the customer.

SLA Conditions : Assigned within 2 hours and solved within 2 days.

High: Interruption to critical processes affecting individual users and no work around is available.Immediate resolution is needed by the customer.

SLA Conditions : Assigned within 1 hour and solved within 24 hours.

Urgent: Interruptions to critical Business processes affecting many users and no work around is available.Immediate resolution is needed by the customer.

SLA Conditions : Assigned within 1 hour and solved within 8 hours.
IT Managed Service - Recommended Operational Model

Our Managed IT Services enable our clients to selectively outsource day-to-day IT responsibilities such as service delivery, change management, implementation, operations and maintenance, as a strategic method for improving operational efficiency, overall cost control, TCO reduction and ultimately receiving higher levels of service.

This is accomplished in part through application of ITIL based delivery processes, standardization of tools & technology and leveraging ITechmatics deep technical talent pool. All this is then managed through structured governance and transparent Service Level Management.

Our Offerings:

  • Managed Services based on onsite-Offshore model with SLA based Performance.
  • Services include Application Support, Maintenance & Administration (Level 1, 2 and 3).
  • Offshore Support Center offering IT services shared across multiple customers.
  • Innovative Pricing Models to meet varying demands.
  • Coverage across various time zones (24x7x365).

Business Benefits:

  • Reduced TCO - Innovative Pricing models based on efforts expended and not on FTE deployed.
  • Extended Coverage - 24 x 7 x 365 support model to meet global demands & business exigencies.
  • Flexibility & Scalability - Ability to meet varying business demands giving economies of scale.
  • Knowledge Retention - Knowledge Management tool helps in capturing & defining knowledge base.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction - SLA based performance measurement.
  • Standardized Processes - Deployment of Standardized set of tools & processes across engagements.
  • Leverage Best Practices using ITIL Framework.

Business continuity

For our clients, consistency and continuity are critical. You can also expect us to be service innovators, raising business and technical performance, and delivering year-on-year cost improvements.

Reduced Total Cost of Operations:

Out tasking Vs managed Services: Out-tasking or specific-subject-area managed service yields less savings compared to complete outsourcing. While both, out-tasking and complete outsourcing are flavors of Managed Service, the latter is disruptive in nature while the former allows transformations through manageable strategic initiatives.

Managed Services has successfully demonstrated measurable cost savings of up to 20% over the years resulting from increased efficiency, lower cost of human capital, higher skills, improved knowledge management and overall reduction in operating cost. Fixed monthly operating costs aligned with business streams allow better visibility and predictability to financial out flow.

Our Services economies of scale provide operating expenses reduction while also providing access to better practices, capabilities and processes.